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Hello ! We are, a UK based internet radio station. We’ve been broadcasting for the past 10+ years and we’re looking for DJs that want a bit of exposure to help fill our schedule. We have DJs from all around the globe that mix for us, so whichever timezone you’re in, we can make it work.

We started DirtyBass to give DJs an outlet for their creative talents and an easy way to let listeners hear new DJs. If you’re looking for a bit of publicity and to get your mixing skills out there, internet radio is a great way to get heard and build an audience.
When you join the DirtyBass crew we will give you a profile page on our site, you can host your mixes for free on, get news items published on our site, facebook and twitter pages.
During the week we mainly play different styles of drum and bass (jungle, neurofunk, techstep, darkstep), techno, minimal, dubstep and breaks.. and on Sunday we play some nicely chilled downtempo, dub/reggae, deep house, liquid d&b and breakbeat mixes because that’s what Sundays are for. That said, we believe there is room for lots of different good music at DBFM and we want to hear what your definition of good music is.. send us a mix !


OK, so you want to DJ at ? Of course you do ! Scroll down and send us an application, it’ll only take a minute or two. Include your name, country, preferred genres, a short bio and links to some of your mixes. Ideally your mixes will be on soundcloud, mixcloud or via dropbox.. but as long as it works, it’s good. If you can add links to your social network profiles for better communication that would be great.




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