Hemp Parade 2014 "Green light for legalization"

Hemp Parade 2014 “Green light for legalization”

Hemp Parade 2014 “Green light for legalization”


Starts1:00 pm

Ends10:00 pm

LocationWashingtonplatz, Berlin, 10557 Berlin, Germany

The next Hemp Parade in Berlin will take place on Saturday, August 9, 2014. It begins by 13 clock at the main station on the Washington Square and leads to the Brandenburg Gate. There takes place in the time of 16 – instead of the big final rally 22 clock.

The Hanfparade intended to encourage all to develop ideas on how legalization can be promoted. We fight to ensure that the people will give in Germany soon “green light” for the legalization of hemp as a raw material, medicine and beverages, as did people in November 2012 in the U.S. states of Washington and Colorado at the ballot box.

More information on www.Hanfparade.de

Program “Hemp Parade 2014 – Green light for legalization ‘

13:00 clock – Kick-off rally Hauptbahnhof / Washington Square
13:00 clock opening speech of the chairman Steffen Geyer
13:05 clock Jost Lessmann (Green Help Network eV)
13:12 clock Hüseyin Beypinar (Udoepa, GMM Bremen) *
13:19 clock Tibor Harrach (LAG drugs of Alliance 90 / The Greens)
13:26 clock Stefan Spruce (GMM Dresden)
13:33 clock Nadja Reigl (Pirate Party, GMM Dortmund) *
13:40 clock Ingrid Wunn (Hemp Initiative Frankfurt / Main)
13:47 Clock January onym (Drug Education Agency) *
13:54 clock Lars cracking (Cannabis Social Club LSD) *
14:00 clock march

14:30 clock – short rally federal office of Alliance 90 / The Greens
14:30 Young Socialists clock *
14:35 clock solid ‘*
14:40 clock JuLis *
14:45 clock march

15:15 clock – short rally Federal Ministry of Health
15:15 clock Gabriele Gebhardt (self-help network cannabis medicine SCM) *
15:22 clock Maximilian Plenert (akzept e.V.)
15:30 clock march

16:00 clock – final rally 17th June Street, the program DINAFEM-stage
Clock 16:00 Opening address Steffen Geyer (chairman)
16:05 clock Uwe Banton feat. Ganjaman (reggae)
16:55 clock spokesman of the Green *
17:05 clock speaker from the Left *
17:15 clock speaker of the SPD *
17:25 clock Soom-T feat. Istar (Ragga Dancehall)
18:15 clock Cousto Hans (Swiss drug researcher and musicologist)
18:22 clock Has Cornelissen (ENCOD) *
18:29 clock Nicole Krumdiek (lawyer, Schildower circle) *
18:35 clock Rolf “Rollo” Ebbinghaus (Hanf Museum Berlin)
18:40 clock D-Flame (HipHop)
19:30 clock David Rosse (ÖHV / hemp hiking Vienna) *
19:35 clock Nol van Schalk (Coffee shop owner / Smokeout 420-Amsterdam) *
19:40 clock Michael Knodt (Journalist, Moderator Excessively – The Magazine)
19:45 clock activists from the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom *
19:50 Martin Jondo clock (Solo & Acoustic Reggae)
20:40 clock Lars Scheiman (steam Parade / cannabis Colonia eV)
20:47 clock Günther Weiglein + Thilo Clemeur (cannabis patients) *
20:53 clock Catherine Walter (Hanftag Munich)
21:00 clock Götz Widmann feat. Billy reverse (songwriter)
21:57 clock closing address Steffen Geyer
22:00 clock end
* = Requested

The path length of hemp parade will forward to the Hemp Parade floats set to music by DJ upzet – www.soundcloud.com / djupzet

More bandwagon this year: the Green Help Network, The Left, Alliance 90/The Greens, Thuringian activists Jelly Joker, PHI records (sound critters Berlin), Levitation element, Psychedelic Theatre Berlin, R19, NATURSTROM AG and many others

At the closing session from 16 clock on the 17th June Street in front of the Brandenburg Gate you will find many information stalls – including the areas of the “Forum for hemp medicine” and the Nutzhanfareals as important thematic priorities. More info: www.hanfparade.de / program-route.html

stand 08/05/2014