IcO LaNe

IcO LaNe
Artist Name
IcO LaNe
Born Date
April 12, 1985
Birth Place
Year activate

IcO LaNe  Biography

IcO LaNe was born on the 12th April 1985 in Frankfurt/Main Germany. In the age of seven he learned to play the drumset and he early developed a great understanding for rhythmic instruments and music. He first came in contact with electronic music when he was 9 and a friend gifted him the Album Raveland(Marusha), since that this kind of music was a part of his life in all its styles and variations. When he was older and visited Festivals and several club his focus stayed on techno and minimal. Through his fascination for djing he bought a MIDI controller and began to record sets and share them on the internet. He made his first appearance was in August 2012 at his home Club Schwarzer Adler Egelsee, where he played warm ups on a regularly basis from now on. More and more gigs followed until he became resident dj, he played support for many big acts of the scene like Angy Kore, Kerstin Eden, Sebastian Groth, Niereich, Mike MaaƟ or Hackler & Kuch just to name some of them.
IcO LaNe developed a great understanding of music over the years and has his own way to interpret songs and put them together into a set to keep the crowd dancing.