CJ Beep

CJ Beep
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CJ Beep
GhettoFunK, Funk, OldSchool, DubStep, Drum and Bass, House, Break Beat, Jungle

CJ Beep  Biography

My beats are made to shatter the rusty space around us, space which needs a good shake–up, both physical and spiritual.
You will find I’m not afraid of any sonic experiments and I refuse to limit myself to a genre or style.
My creation is not within any certain style or tune, I can fill myself up with trip–hop melancholy, funky joy, high–power impulses of dubstep, anything, what creates a “spark”, which sets the joints and neurons in motion, which charges hundreds of heads around with positive madness.

Founded in early 2010 by Cj_BEEP, the Vibrant Energy Recordings imprint was created to showcase the diverse intense sound of UK underground music. The mission of Vibrant Energy Recordings is to release high quality, cutting edge ‘Future Jungle’, ‘Breaks’, ‘Dubstep’ and ‘Drum & Bass’ from a diverse blend of producers. Tight production values and progressive attitudes are essential in every Vibrant Energy Recordings release.